Tianyuan Hu

Tianyuan Hu is a visual artist who uses photography as the main medium to develop her practice. She is currently based in London and studying MA Photography: the Image & Electronic Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Within her practice, she prefers to pay more attention to the discrepancies and becoming, rather than existence and identity. By shifting between certainty and contingency, she hopes to create dialogues out of chaos. She regards photography as a bridge without explicit identity, or proliferation of connections that excavate diverse potentials and lead us to different terrains.


This series of photos are from the project named “Ramshackle” which focuses on “diffusive reality”, I’m interested in when and how photography is interlinked with reality. Because to some extent, “the Real” remains impenetrable and inaccessible, photography here only confirms the reality by confirming the loss of it. If the reality is like an empty space, most times photographs only revolve around this empty space peripherally and strive to create meanings.

Thus I try to portray a diffusive and liquid reality, where photography and “the Real” can interconnect. When reality becomes fluid and ramshackle, and photography becomes aggressive and predatory, they will finally collide to create new perceptions and experiences.

I am aware of nomadism and discontinuities underlying our daily life, and I want to bring these off-axis effects to attention, mapping out those unsystematic moments which are characterized with unsettling and visceral qualities, at times preposterous.

Furthermore, I use alternative and experimental approaches to construct the theme and try to explore photography as a system of potentials rather than a system of judgment. By shifting between micro and macro, contingency and certainty, glitches and controls, I interweave different dimensions into one photograph, hope to portray abstract and mystical narratives with multiple layers of meanings which are based on the concept of diffusive and ramshackle reality.

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