Leonardo Fiori

Leonardo Fiori is a fine art photographer, videographer, and designer. Inspired by the beauty offered from his homeland, Leonardo developed a strong interest in night photography. For a short period of time, he focused on astrophotography, documenting space through the skies of his land. He later moved to narrative, cinematic and documentary photography. Leonardo graduated in Graphic Design and New Media at Accademia Italiana in Florence.


Radici (Roots in Italian) is a photographic project I made between 2020 and 2021, exploring areas not far from home localized in the valley of Garfagnana, my homeland. I decided to produce this series mainly as a work of personal contemplation, more than photographic documentation of abandoned places per se. In fact, I was driven by the desire to meticulously observe what I consider the remains of a past that today is mysterious to my eyes and at times incomprehensible. The places shown in Radici were once regular houses, huts, or metati that, abandoned to themselves, have now become silent altars belonging to a past that we can only observe.

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