Graham Wichman

Graham Wichman (b.1984) is a photographer and set decorator currently living and working in New York City. He earned his BFA in film and photography from Emerson College. His work as a set decorator for film and television has him acquiring elements; such as furniture, decoration, and artwork that help in conveying a realistic portrayal of a character’s story. Graham’s attention to detail and personal language as seen in his sets are carried through in his photography as well. His photographic style is documentary in nature and tends to focus on themes of travel, identity, and the history of spaces and objects as they pass through time.

Material Objects

This series was photographed over the course of three years in Hungary, Romania, Cuba, and Spain. The project began while Graham was living in Budapest, Hungary. He would frequent flea markets, meet with local tradesmen, farmers, and street hustlers. What started as seeking out locals to help in sourcing items became much more. The personal bonds developed with these people led to a greater understanding of the fabric and true history of the place, thus began his project. Recognizing his position as an outsider, he used portraiture photography to build bonds with both his subject and their community.

Graham documents flea market culture, workers & their spaces, the transactional aspect of selling goods, while capturing people’s personal relationships with material objects. He tends to seek out subjects whose personal space and setting tell a deep textured and nuanced story, much like the sets that he creates. The photographic work here illustrates the inner lives of communities tied to an old way of living.

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