Matthew Pardue

Matthew is a 28 year old photographer originally from Louisville, KY. Growing up in a city that was designed around the integrity of natural elements has instilled a respect for natural and man-made elements alike. Through driving back and forth across the United States over the past 8 years Matthew has been able to experience many different shades of American culture. These experiences have been a backdrop of inspiration for his interest in documenting different aspects of America. From the largest cities to the most remote areas he is always aware, and looking for interactions that catch his eye.

Los Angeles

The intersection of humankind and nature creates a collaboration that is hard to ignore. It is this main theme that has guided my ongoing body of work in Los Angeles. What is truly intriguing to me is how we, as humans, interact with and effect the environment that we are given. Landscapes change over time as the land beneath us erodes and new developments are built. This is my document for where things stand right now.

To view more of Matthew Pardue’s work please visit his website.