Rachel Deutmeyer

Rachel Deutmeyer is a visual artist currently based in Ames, Iowa. She is an MFA candidate in the Integrated Studio Arts program at Iowa State University, where she also serves as a teaching assistant. Deutmeyer received her BFA from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa, where she employed photography to express an adoration of regional travel and community. She continues to create fine art photographs that explore place and examine implications of the photographic medium, including art and snapshot.

Patch Towns

Iowa and much of the Midwest boast fields, farms, and endearing communities. Like Dundee, Iowa (pop. 174) claims on a wide painted sign at the southeast corner of town, many country communities are “small in size, mighty in pride.” These rural Iowa towns present a resilience to monotonous expansion.

The photographs of Patch Town explore themes of relationship, place, and identity found in Midwest American landscape, specifically small town Iowa. A visual interaction with humble scenes, the work considers layers of significance and implies a regional history. The photographs witness and document growth, change, and decay.

Patch Town presents a tribute to, and acknowledgment of, contemporary small town disposition and pride.

To view more of Rachel’s work please visit her website.