what we’ve found – Choices

Hey everyone, November has arrived, and it’s finally election month!

November 2020 will always be remembered as a month of Choice. In a time when our world is raging with disunity and unrest, the power of our Choice was never more critical. To choose how we would like to see our future and how our actions will help us paint this future. Understanding the great power in our Choice that our ancestors fought so hard for, so we would be able to change by voting. For many people, choices are still a privilege, so what are you doing with this power?

For this month, we are looking for your best work surrounding Choice’s theme, along with the word prompt that inspired it. It can be related to the elections, but I can also be anything else that will connect to the theme. Show us how you are using your power and privilege to make choices to create your work and stories. We accept all forms of art, such as photographs (1-3 photos per submission), poetry, essays, drawings, and paintings. We want it all. Our deadline is November 27th, so get to submitting it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please VOTE (if you can).

Submit Today!

Photo By Ahmed Gaber